A tie
to tell about
the person
"The tie must represent the person's personality,
his emotions, not just the cloths it is matched to”

Salvatore Sanseverino
Sanseverino Naples

"Attention to detail, sense of style, uniqueness:
this is our company's formula, which thrives on the mutual affection between designer and friend customer"

Salvatore Sanseverino
Much more than
a tie

“And so the passion for a thin colored silk drape filled my life.
And that love left no room for any other idea.
It became my job.
Now I make ties, with my hands, with my dreams, with my heart."
Salvatore Sanseverino

Sanseverino Naples 1994

The maison Sanseverino Napoli originated from Salvatore (the undisputed champion of the seven folds)’s visceral love and his infinite passion for such distinctive trait of elegance and refinement. Thanks to the admirable contamination between the most sophisticated English fabrics, the use of hundreds of nuances, and the creativity and ability of skilled craftsmen, the ties of this exclusive atelier become a reality, an expression of a sense of style that is evergreen and stands the test of time.

"The seven folds"

Precious, soft, sophisticated: the seven folds is the flagship of Sanseverino Napoli production, folded seven times on itself and exclusively handmade, according to the ancient Neapolitan artisan tradition. It is characterized not only by the use of the most precious silks and innovative micro-patterns, but also by the personal reinterpretation of the master, consisting in the addition of a thick central part capable of giving it greater volume and uniqueness, and transforming it from a mere elegant accessory into a haute couture masterpiece.

Cravatta regimental Sanseverino Napoli
cappelli Sanseverino Napoli in cashmere
Porta documenti in pelle Sanseverino Napoli
Orologio Sanseverino Napoli

"Not just ties"

Sanseverino sense of style is shown not only through his ties but also through sophisticated leather goods, original bow ties, clutches and scarves more similar to refined paintings than simple accessories, and elegant gift boxes. Fashion sense, constant study and resounding success have led the company to expand its production over time, and to spoil customers with many items, all representative of the utmost elegance.

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Jens Weidmann presidente della Deutsche Bundesbank
“I got to know Sanseverino ties thanks to Romano Prodi who gave me a beautiful one. Since then I have bought many. And every time I return to Naples I go to the atelier to get some more. "
Corriere del Mezzogiorno, 4 October 2014
Clemente Mastella politico
"Seven folds, a single tie. A single knot to keep the various souls together. "
Corriere del Mezzogiorno 6 June 2006
Luca Cordero di Montezemolo
"Hi Sanseverino, , I am pleased to report that I have recommended your atelier to the most important Japanese motor and lifestyle magazine and that your name has been included among the Italian excellences".
Taken from one of LUCA CORDERO DI MONTEZEMOLO's letters