Sanseverino Napoli

Simbolo dell’eleganza maschile

Sanseverino Napoli is the result of a never-ending passion for the piece of clothing that is the symbol of masculine elegance: the tie.

Since 1994 it has been shaping Neapolitan haute couture in the form of ties, genuine masterpieces, made by extremely skilled hands that cherish them throughout the manufactoring process, from cutting to embroidery.

signature sanseverino napoli

Alta qualità, gusto e dettaglio

A competent handicraft work to guarantee the highest quality, together with style, refinement and attention to detail, are the secret of the success of the Sanseverino brand, which has become a symbol of made in Naples all over the world. His creations are the synthesis of the finest fabrics, timeless British design, and the unique touch of the founder.