Sanseverino Napoli

Our Seven Folds

Seven are the phases for its manufacture, seven is the number of its internal layers. The “seven folds” is therefore the undisputed star of Neapolitan and worldwide elegance, real expression of superb craftsmanship.

This precious garment is Sanseverino Naples atelier’s leading product, reinterpreted today from a more modern perspective, but in full adhering to the olden tailoring/craftsmanship techniques. What makes it unique are not only the capable manufacture entirely hand-made, the rigorous precision of the cutting, the meticulous attention to detail, but also the mixture of a series of peculiar aspects.

The finest fabrics used for its manufacture come from the silk homeland, Manchester and Como, and its original patterns show a vintage soul with elegant regimental motifs, expression of superb British style, which has always been the real passion of founder Salvatore. Also Also, this top product, the “seven folds”, boasts a further distinctive mark: the insertion of an internal part, which we can call “soul”, i.e., the internal fabric that forges its structure, and together with the meticulous layering, gives greater volume to the tie, an ideal fit and a better knot strength, adding sobriety and classiness to both the suit and the aspect of the wearer.

The Sanseverino Napoli “seven-fold” tie takes shape from the fusion of ancient and modern ideas, tradition and enthusiasm for innovation, excellent fabrics and audacious combinations.

It’s a precious accessory, stylish but not luxurious pursuant to Sanseverino maison’s principles, greatly enjoyed by true lovers of elegance, which led founder Salvatore Sanseverino to be recognised as the undisputed genius of the “seven folds”.