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The ceremony tieis an essential accessory in important and formal attires. Sanseverino Napoli ceremony tiesare the ideal garment to add to the look a classy touch, available both in the three-foldand seven-fold versions, in the long (1.50cm) version or extra-long (1.60cm) version, in marvelous solid color shades, they can match perfectly with every suit.

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Choosing the right tiein special occasions and ceremonies is very important, because of few implicit, but essential, rules. When in important situations “less is more” is the staple to abide to. The perfect dress code in a formal event is sober and elegant, that’s why usually picking discreet pairings, and choosing colors to distinguish the shirt from the jacket efficiently but not excessively is the general advise. The Sanseverino Napoli maison suggests refined tailored solid color ties, both in three-fold or seven-fold versions, which are perfect to embellish any suit, starting from the most classic suit, to the tight or tailcoat one. The fine silkgives a refined touch, turning the tiefrom accessory into a styleand personality trait.

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silk twill (100% silk)


Normal (cm 8,5)


Normal (cm 150)