Three-fold Regimental Tie


The regimental tie is a completely handmade product made using original English designs and made of 100% pure silk.

Available in the classic version (three folds) or seven folds, it has a length of 150 cm and a width of 8.5 cm.

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Far from being a simple striped tie, the regimental tieis an expression of a precise style, with a strong identity and corporate meaning. Originally it symbolised the belonging to a specific regiment; then it inspired exclusive clubs, associations and colleges that made it their identity sign. Nowadays it is of common use but still able to express a strong concept of belonging. It is perfect in the corporate field, and represents the quintessence of elegance, emblem of the British style. Atelier Sanseverinointerprets this historic garment through original designs carefully selected in the United Kingdom, silks and the most precious natural fabrics that owe their shape and shine exclusively to the inner fibre and a strictly handmade processing. Available in a thousand shades of colours, Sanseverino regimental ties are the ideal garment for important meetings and formal events, as they always ensure an impeccable and professional appearance. They always guarantee the right result, and are perfect for a huge variety of occasions offering great possibilities of use, constantly being of great effect.

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Weight 500 g

Normal (cm 8,5)


Normal (cm 150)




silk twill (100% silk)



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