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The Seven-fold tie is the queen of Neapolitan elegance, it’s exclusively handmade as per ancient Neapolitan tailoring tradition. It’s a precious product that requires more use of the purest silk, which is folded seven times on itself to give the tiemore consistency and hold. Sanseverino seven-fold is produced using the most refined fabrics and vintage micro patterns.


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The Seven-fold tieis the true masterpiece of Maison Sanseverino Napoli, reinterpreted by fusing together the ancientcompletely handcrafted technique, from cut to packaging, and the modern introduction of the “soul”, the internal support which makes it particularly performing. The Sanseverino seven-fold tie is moulded by the hands of tailors, who fold on itself the pure twill of 16 ouncesEnglish silk seven times, giving the tie more thickness and consistency, an extraordinary high hold to the knot, and a body that follows along elegantly the movements of whomever wears it. This 19-century historic garment is unique because of the continuous study of vintage micro patterns, the spasmodic research of the finest fabrics, the pairing of the dark British fields tones or of the bright vivid Neapolitan style colors. From this endless experimentation is born the atelier Sanseverinounique collection, small works of art which set apart the true experts of beauty.

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Weight 500 g

Normal (cm 8,5)


Normal (cm 150)




silk twill (100% silk)



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