Slim Tie


The slim tie is the ideal accessor for more informal outfits with a modern attire. It’s 7.5cm width adds refinement even to more sporty and youthful looks, and allows to elate slender builds, without making a haute-couture garment trivial. This handcrafted accessory is strictly handmade, decorated with original pattersor solid-color.

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The slim tie is a must-have accessory in every gentleman’s closet, which adds creativity and style even to a disengaged outfit. This versatile garment has similar length as the classic tie, 150cm, but it’s visibly slimmer, usually 6/7cm, especially loved by youngsters and slender men, of whom it enhances the silhouette. Sanseverino Napoli slim tiesare completely handmade using the finest silks and original patterns, making them ideal for casual-chic lovers, but that are also capable of giving a professional imagewithout a strict dress code. They can easily be paired with a classic jeans or tweed jacket, but are also perfect to personalize formal looks and adding coolness to the look.

Additional information

Weight 500 g

Slim (7 cm)


Normal (cm 150)




silk twill (100% silk)