Bow ties


The bow tie is a perfect alternative to the tie, ideal to add a bit of personality to a more informal look, or to show off a timeless elegance based on the outfit it is paired with. The precious Sanseverino Napoli bow ties are made of pure 100% silk, embellished with original patterns and easily adjustable, so as to gently encircle every gentleman’s neck.



The bow tie was born as an essential accessory to the formal attire, perceived almost as “mandatory” in exclusive and important occasions: there can’t be a smocking or a gala without a bow tie. However, new patterns, fabrics and colors turned the bow tie into a fresh and varied garment, suitable to express both absolute elegance and inspiration and creativity, based on the pairing and time of the day. Once freed form the evening dress code, the bow tie can be the perfect choice to add personality to a more casual morning look, especially the patterned ones, or the bright, colorful ones. In a business attire, the bow tie is perfect to soften the look, making it less formal than if paired with a tie. Now an ageless and contextless must accessory, the Sanseverino Napoli bow tie is made exclusively in the purest of silks, available in the most elegant solid color versions, or in the fun patterned variants. Only one rule must be followed: it’s necessary to pay attention to pairing, because good taste is shown in the details.

Additional information

Weight 500 g

12 cm


6 cm


silk twill (100% silk)