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The executive-caseis a true lifesaver for every professional. This accessory, essential to untangle the numerous papers and movements during long workdays, can also become a style expression. The Sanseverino Napoli executive-casecombines practicality and elegance: it has many internal compartments and pockets to best organize documents and other working materials, it is produced using only genuine calfskin, along classic and essential lines polished in every detail, making it a symbol of professionalism and elegance.

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Leather goods are one of the maximum expressions of Italian craftsmanship, in fact leather processing is a noble art, passed on for centuries, in which there’s no place to improvise. Our artisans are able to turn top quality leathers into long-lasting, timeless accessories, because they respect ancient rules, and also thanks to their creativity and patience. For our creative production we exclusively use genuine elk printed calfskin, which is the best to produce high end leatherwear. This precious material is different because of its softness and elasticity, but also because of it’s surprising endurance, which assures its longevity over the years. The Sanseverino Napoli maison offers exclusive models, perfect both for leisure time and work: accessorieswith a clean and essential design, such as the practical messenger bags, which give off a sober and professional look, spacious beauty-cases, which are perfect for business trips, or relaxing weekend trips, but also refined, chic and incredibly comfortable backpacks, perfect to bring with for every occasion. The Sanseverino Napoli accessory line has an evergreen style, and respects the ancient completely handcrafted traditions, to appreciate the unique authenticity characteristic of the made in Italy products.

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