Silk Glasses Holder


The silk glasses holder is a simple but very useful accessory of great impact. This elegant case protects sunglasses or prescription glasses delicately, it’s strictly handmade using colorful silks and Sanseverino Napoli iconic fantasies, and it’s perfect to wear as a pochette in the jacket pocket creating an original pocket.



The silk glasses holder pochette is a practical glasses case, whether they’re sunglasses or prescription glasses, but it can also be a small habit full of charme. The pure silk has a duplicitous role: it protects the glasses delicately, shielding them from scratches and halos because of its hygroscopic function, and it adds refinement to the look. This small and elegant case, strictly handmade, can easily be placed inside a bag, but it’s also perfect to be worn inside a jacket pocket, as a classic pocket handkerchief, creating a contrast play with the tie, or simply to embellish the daily outfit.

Additional information

Weight 500 g

silk twill (100% silk)


16 cm


7,5 cm

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