Sanseverino Napoli


The Showroom

In the heart of the Neapolitan business centre

Sanseverino Napoli is synonymous of style, refinement and exclusivity in all its forms, starting from the showroom. Located in the heart of the Neapolitan business centre, this hidden atelier is not a simple boutique, but a creativity centre, a reserved and elegant place where time does not exist, sheltered from the traffic and noise of the city. People who visit this store located on the sixth floor of a building in the city business center, and that can be accessed only by appointment, are not just customers, but special guests, and who welcomes them is not a shop keeper but an artisan, an artist with whom you will be able to talk about life, politics, and that will help you choose what you are looking for.

La moda può cambiare ma noi puntiamo alle persone

The attitude at Sanseverino is: the tie, the accessory, must reflect the personality of the wearer, not just match the outfit, therefore at the maison the interpersonal relationships come first.

Confidentiality, attention to detail, an elegant and familiar atmosphere are the secret of this suggestive place, which turn the customer into a friend who cannot help but return to visit.