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Customized tie for companies

cravatte con logo personalizzato

The company logo is a symbol summarizing both identity and values of the company it represents. The tailored tie is a badge of elegance and personality. The mixture of these two elements creates a high valued accessory, which mirrors the image and consistency of the company.

For a company, customizing items means to differ from others, affirming their brand loud and clear.

Many realities choose customization as a way of interfacing easily and remarkably, both inside and outside the workplace, and a growing number of them are choosing to do it using a company tie.

Sanseverino Napoli ties with personalized logo and box

The company tie

The company tie is a powerful communication tool, an expression of pride and a success-oriented business mindset. This accessory is valuable not only because of its refined fabrics and handmade nature, but also because of the strong meaning it spreads within the working team. It helps create a sense of belonging to the brand within the staff members, as it strengthens team building and betters the employees’ empowerment in the company life.

Why choose the company tie?

The strategic role of the company tie shouldn’t go unnoticed! A customized tie is a powerful marketing leverage: it’s ideal to use for promotional activities when there are company events or fairs, it creates bonds with new clients and helps retains those already in the portfolio. It is the perfect cadeau (present) to give to partners and suppliers, moreover it’s a useful and lasting style badge, which will help the company to be remembered by all its stakeholders.

loghi personalizzate cravatte in seta

Our solutions


Silk tailoredtie, long (150cm) or extra-long (160cm), in both classic or seven-fold versions, with the company logo and inside label, in an elegant packaging with customized logo.


Tailored tie where the fabric (Como silk, jacquard silk, cashmere, linen) and pattern (solid color, regimental, polka dot, all-over pattern) are chosen by the customer, long (150cm) or extra-long (160cm), in both classic or seven-fold versions, with the company logo and Sanseverino Napoli logo, inside label, in an elegant packaging with customized logo.


The customization is limitless! To the tailored tie, customized according to customer requirements, you can add other types of company cadeaux (presents): foulards, pochette, small leatherwear, ascot etc. embellished by thecompany logoand in a specially designed packaging.

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