Salvatore Sanseverino

Versatile, innovative, creative, but also politician, entrepreneur, craftsman, undisputed master of style, he cannot be described in a simple sequence of adjectives. Salvatore Sanseverino’s is a complex story, made up of crossroads and courageous choices that marked his conversion along the haute couture.

Curious and inventive since childhood, little Salvatore used to buy scraps of fabric in the neighborhood markets to make ties.

Salvatore Sanseverino

Passionate buyer and collector since the age of 16, he was then able to advice friends and colleagues on style matters. Not even 30 years of distinguished political work and the prestigious role as mayor of Pomigliano D ‘Arco managed to keep such successful personaway from his greatest passion: the tie.

It is in 1992 that he abandoned politics and transformed into a craftsman, tailor, artist. After two years spent studying laboratory techniques, quality of fabrics and designs travelling between Como and Great Britain, Salvatore, helped by experience of skilled seamstresses who revealed the secrets of the ancient seven folds to him, launched a small artisan production for few lucky customers.

But its trappings became very popular among good connoisseurs, the requests increased, and it became clear soon that what he believed to be a hobby could actually be a thriving business that would turn into the maison Sanseverino Napoli, and would bring Salvatore to be recognised as the master of the seven folds.
the master of the seven folds.