The pocket squareis the indispensable mark of a classy man, an expression of pure elegance and style. Atelier Sanseverino Napoli spoils the lovers of this classic accessory with precious pocket squaresmade exclusively of pure and delicate silk, in the ideal size of 33×33 cm, embellished with handmade hems and inspired by the same patterns present in the ties, attestation of the timeless style.



The pochetteorpocket square has a timeless elegance, able to add personality and colour to every outfit. A pocket square is a testimony of an old style elegance that has not been lost over the years. Such a small accessory is so powerful in terms of identifying a real classy man. This is a must, an accessory chosen by old-fashion people. It is made exclusively of 100% pure silk, hemmed by hand and available in different colours and patterns, to add a balanced contrast to every dress and on every occasion.

Additional information

Weight 500 g

33 cm


33 cm


silk twill (100% silk)